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EMR Forums

  1. EMR Gaming now have a forum to be used to announce certain things to our community or to ask our communiy certain questions. If you are interested in visiting our forum click the link in the tab above.

Welcome to the EMR Gaming Website!

EMR Gaming is a small Steam group/ Youtube channel created to entertain people by providing good quality game servers and a youtube channel with entertaining content. We host a variety of servers including 20 Garry's Mod servers which consist of PropHunt, Murder and TTT servers. We also host a minecraft server which will be available soon for public use. We will soon be trying to release content on our youtube channel on a much more consistant basis and will be doing Live streams as often as we can on our Twitch channel. If you would like to watch our live stream click on the tab above. If you would like contact us or would like to apply for becoming a mod or helping on our minecraft server, visit our forum. We hope that every one has fun playing our servers and we hope to see you playing often.

Minecraft Server News


We are now working on the EMR Minecraft server which will feature many gamemodes such as Zombie survival, Prop Hunt, TNT Spleef, TNT Run, The Walls, PVP Arenas and a Factions area for people to build their own creations.







EMR Teamspeak Server


The EMR Teamspeak Server is now available for use for people playing on our Garry's Mod Servers and Minecraft Server. If you wish to use our teamspeak server the ip for it is and the password is mcgmod.